lingfield lodge veterinary clinic

Comfortable and welcoming for you and your pet

Lingfield Lodge Veterinary Clinic’s premises are purpose-built to provide the best possible care for your pet. The surgery is situated in idyllic surroundings on a beautiful arable farm, with ample parking. The building benefits from under-floor heating and air conditioning so that your pet will remain comfortable throughout his or her stay. We have separate dog and cat wards to minimise stress for our patients during their stay. We have clean comfortable kennels for all of our patients, as well as outdoor runs for dogs who become stressed indoors.

Health and welfare is our priority

lingfield lodge veterinary clinic

We have a dedicated operating theatre for all surgical procedures, and regularly update our equipment to provide a high standard of care to our patients. Our theatre benefits from a heated operating table, modern theatre lights, piped gases and up-to-date surgical equipment, including bone saws and drills. We perform a wide range of soft tissue and orthopaedic operations as well as routine neutering.

At Lingfield Lodge we provide skilled, experienced surgeons and nurses to achieve a high rate of success in our surgical procedures, and all of our vets have been qualified for more than ten years. We operate stringent sterility procedures and recognise the importance of theatre hygiene to minimise the risks of infections, our theatre has been designed with this in mind. We understand that your pet is a member of your family, and that his or her health and welfare is a priority.

Dental healthcare

There is a dental room where all of our dentistry is carried out, our vets are experienced in dentistry in dogs, cats and rabbits. We have a drill, descaler and polisher, as well as all the equipment needed to perform extractions to deal with toothaches and dental diseases that commonly occur in pets. If you have noticed that your pet has bad breath or discomfort when eating certain foods, make an appointment so that we can have a look at your pet’s teeth.

Comprehensive laboratory

We have laboratory facilities so that we can analyse your pet’s blood for signs of disease. We are able to test your pet’s haematology (to look at his or her red and white blood cells) and biochemistry (to test your pet’s organ function) and have a range of equipment to run tests on the skin and urine. Often we are able to obtain results within 20 to 30 minutes for a wide range of tests.

greyhound orthopaedic surgery

State of the art

lingfield lodge veterinary clinic

We have a state-of-the art digital x-ray machine to provide high quality two-dimensional images of bones and internal organs. This is vital in detecting bone fractures, and also in diagnosing a wide range of medical and surgical diseases in all parts of the body.

Our endoscopes can be used to visualise the respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract of your cat or dog. This can provide important information to assist in the diagnosis of a wide range of diseases.

We have a Doppler blood pressure monitor to check for any problems with our patients’ blood pressure, since animals, as well as people, can develop pressures that are too high or too low.

Our ECG machine is used in dogs and cats to detect any problems with the heart. We usually use this in conjunction with other tests including ultrasound, so that we can obtain as much information as possible to select the best possible treatment for your pet.

Wide range of orthopaedic surgery

Our digital X-ray machine is very powerful and incorporates a variety of image enhancing and enlarging features allowing detection of abnormalities which an old fashioned machine could not. For example when performing a TTO operation for a ruptured cruciate ligament the X-ray machine can aid in the calculation of the desired angle change for the Tibia Plateau. We have now successfully performed many of these operations which give a better and quicker result than the other techniques. We routinely perform a wide range of orthopaedic surgery including fracture repairs using bone plates and screws etc, as a result we keep in stock most of the items needed for these procedures. In most cases we are able to undertake this work at a substantially lower cost (around 30% less) than a specialist referral practice: this is particularly helpful for people who are uninsured or have only limited insurance cover.

lingfield lodge veterinary cliniclingfield lodge veterinary cliniclingfield lodge veterinary cliniclingfield lodge veterinary clinic

The above images illustrate left, pre and post TTO operation to repair a ruptured cruciate on a rottweiler and right, pre and post fractured humerus repair on a golden retriever.

Pet passports

All of our veterinary surgeons are Local Veterinary Inspectors (LVIs) for the government which means that they are able to provide your pet with a Pet Passport for travelling abroad. Our vets are also Superintendents of Quarantine, since they inspect a Quarantine kennel and are responsible for exports and imports there. Please call the clinic with any queries on pet travel.


We are very proud of our Ultrasound machine here at Lingfield Lodge. It enables us to offer a comprehensive diagnostic imaging service so we seldom need to refer our patients for ultrasound examinations.

Jason has completed numerous courses and is experienced in pregnancy, abdominal and heart scanning/ echo cardiograph. The machine has enabled us to diagnose conditions without invasive investigations and can also be used to monitor the progression of certain diseases. It has helped save numerous lives where an instant diagnosis and surgery is required - such as internal bleeding.

The majority of animals we see can be scanned conscious or under a light sedation and the majority actually seem to enjoy the experience!

lingfield lodge veterinary clinic

Lingfield Lodge Veterinary Clinic
We are based in Marsh Green, Edenbridge. Our clinic combines the relaxing atmosphere of an attractive rural location (for both patient and owner!) with comprehensive up to date treatment facilities.

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